Q: What kinds of devices can I use with my gateway?

A: You can connect your gateway to a variety of different devices in buildings, such as air handling units, chillers, thermostats, meters, lighting, sensors, and switches. For a list of supported devices and network bridges, see


Q: How many devices can I connect to my gateway?

A: Over one hundred devices can often be connected, depending on the type of devices, the amount and frequency of data being gathered, and network speeds.


Q: What protocols does support?

A: In addition to many Internet Protocol (IP) based devices, the gateway can also communicate with many Zigbee, XBee, Z-Wave, Insteon, BACNet, Serial (RS-232) and Modbus devices. New device and protocol drivers are constantly being added to the library.  

Q: Which visualization and analytics services work with the gateway?

A: Currently the gateway can feed data to Lucid, EnerNOC, PowerTools, and applications built on Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite such as Power BI. Gateway data is also available via CANDI’s API to developers of their own applications.


Q: What are typical use cases for the gateway?

A: Typical use cases include energy monitoring and submetering, HVAC equipment monitoring, temperature monitoring, thermostat control, lighting monitoring and control, discretionary load control, occupancy monitoring, and monitoring and control of sensors and switches.


Q: What kind of insights can I get from the data gathered by the gateway?

A: Many insights can be derived from the data discovered with an gateway, including near-real time energy usage to help determine whether facilities, equipment and utilities are being used most efficiently.


Q: What kinds of data does the gateway gather?

A: The data that Intel BMP gathers is determined by the devices that it connects to. For example, if a temperature sensor is connected, temperature information in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius can be collected. If an energy meter is connected, energy use and demand can be collected in kWh and kW, as well as voltage, current and other electrical information if the meter provides it.  


Q: How do I access my data from my gateway?

A: To access your data log in to PowerTools at If you are a developer, you can write an application to send queries to through CANDI’s API.


Q: Can I access my data locally from the gateway, or does it require me to access my data from the cloud?

A: Device data can only be accessed from the cloud.


Q: Can I remotely control devices using my gateway?

A: Yes, you can control devices through PowerTools, and you can write an application to control devices through CANDI’s API.


Q: Is there a developer API for the gateway?

A: Yes, you can access the API documentation at this link.


Q: Can my company integrate our solution to receive data from these gateways?

A: Yes. APIs are provided that enable transactions between a 3rd party application and one or more gateways.


Q: What kind of encryption does your secure tunnel use?

A: OpenSSL is currently included with gateway and uses x.509 certificates.

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