Installation & Setup

Q: Can I mount the gateway in a metal enclosure?

A: For best performance when using wireless networks, do not mount the gateway inside a metal enclosure. If possible, avoid locating the gateway near large metal assemblies such as computer racks and metal-screened rooms.


Q: Is there a mounting kit for the gateway?

A: No mounting kit is included, but your gateway provider may have kits available.

For the Advantech UTX-3115 gateway, a DIN rail mounting bracket kit is available through Advantech USA as part # AIMB-0BRK-DR01E. Contact, telephone 408-519-3881.

For the Logic Supply CC-150 gateway, contact, telephone 802-861-2300 about mounting kits.

Q: How do I manage my gateway remotely from the cloud?

A: BMP is designed to work with CANDI PowerTools. Follow this link  to set up a PowerTools account, then follow the instructions provided to connect and provision the gateway and devices.


Q: Does the gateway require a UPS or backup power?

A: A UPS or backup power source is not required. Consult your customer’s risk assessment department to determine whether it is appropriate for your gateway to have a UPS or backup power source.


Q: Where is my gateway and device configuration stored? Can I recover it in case of a gateway failure?

A: Once configured with PowerTools, your gateway and device configuration are stored both locally on the gateway, as well as in PowerTools.  Your gateway and device configuration can be accessed after logging into your account.


Q: Does the gateway require a constant connection to the Internet?

A: No. The gateway is capable of actively managing and monitoring the edge devices connected to it without an active connection to the Internet. However, an active Internet connection is required to configure and provision the gateway, define sites, connect to edge devices, and request policy changes such as user rights or device control/action changes from the cloud. An Internet connection is required to stream near real-time data from the gateway to the PowerTools API; however, the gateway will store data upon Internet connectivity losses typically up to 7 days, depending upon the number of data points and frequency of data samples being monitored.


Q: My Intel BMP gateway has more than one network port. Which one do I use?

A: For Advantech UTX-3115 gateways, by default the right most port is configured to connect the gateway to an external network.

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